Create a Scared space with Breathe & Be Incense in collaboration with ZenTribe..

Just breathe
Plant based incense
Inspired by Mother Nature
Breathe & Be Incense

“The perfume asked the flower: tell me why I exist, don’t be discouraged my friend. In the completeness of the dawn, of the morning, your life will be united with everything that is alive, and you will know, finally, your purpose”- Rabindranath Tagore


5 TIPS for creating a sacred space

 ZenTribe HQ are so excited to announce our new and exciting collaboration with Breathe & Be Incense.

 Two women led, independent businesses coming together with the same ethos, values and respect for the environment. This is reflected in both of our brands and products right through to our packaging which is recyclable, biodegradable and fully compostable, using only vegan dyes. 

Want to find out more on our collaboration head to @zentribe_uk to watch our saved live Instagram chat with founder Ceri of Breathe & Be Incense . Whilst you’re there, make sure to follow us and send us a message to say hi!

Live instagram talk

As a thank you,  we have included a gift from Breathe & Be Incense to infuse your sacred space and enhance your daily practice. This gift is the perfect companion to your ZenTribe sustainable yoga mat. Not to worry if you don’t have a mat and need one for your daily yoga or pilates, click here to order yours: Buy now

Breathe & Be Incense are hand rolled using only the purest botanicals and natural ingredients, with a blend of undiluted essential oil, resin, woods, herbs and spices. Which also makes them 100% natural, non-toxic, vegan, chemical and artificial fragrance free. With a smooth aromatic burn of 45 minutes, to aromatise and enhance your space before, during and after your practise.


Treat yourself to 10% off on their amazing incense stick range, by subscribing to our newsletter!

Infuse you’re scared space with a variety of aromatic blends, to find out more head to: www.breatheandbeincense.com

Natural incense using botanicals

Meditate, practise your daily yoga flow in your sacred space with the aromatic sense of Breathe & Be Incense. Infuse your space with incense.

Natural incense

Breathe and be incense logo


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