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Some times in the waves of change we find our true direction-Anon

Since Blue planet, the world has been awakened by the shocking images from the devastation caused by plastic. Now there’s no excuse on not to recycle and to take responsibility for your own plastic use. As part of our ethos we use upcycled plastics into our mat reducing the need for plastic to be thrown into landfills. Our plastic is a mix of unwanted, end of line and demo sports wear plastic to name a few which prevents it turning into ocean plastic. With each yoga mat purchase we are actively finding a way for all the unwanted plastics to be reused. 

Annually approximately 500 billion plastic bags are used worldwide. More than one million bags are used per minute. A plastic bag has an average "working life" of 15 minutes.- Plastic oceans

Say no to plastic

Our passion at ZenTribe is to unite mind, body, soul and the planet through knowledge and raising awareness on conscious consumerism.  Together we can make a difference and make a positive impact on this amazing planet we all have the privilege to live on. In doing this we bring harmony and balance for both animals and people to enjoy, whilst leaving our earth, oceans and skies healthier. 

We all want to live on a healthy planet that can support us all with the food and water we need. So how can we do our part and what changes can we make? There are a lot of amazing articles, influencers, small businesses out there that can help with this. 

Here are a few instagram accounts worth a follow and check out:







With this in mind we had the privilege to talk to Nat from Yogarama who is part of the Plastic November, although this month is almost over, you can do your own no plastic month any time of the year, with Christmas just around the corner it would be the best time to start then whilst sharing your tips and knowledge with your family and friends. Its never to late to start and to donate to Groundswell for this amazing and inspiring movement.

Taking this into account, 125,000 tonnes of plastic wrapping used for food will also be discarded over the festive period.-GWP

What is “No Plastic November” about and why is it so important?

No Plastic November is an initiative started by Groundswell Community Project; as a Groundswell surf therapy trainee and director of Groundswell UK I’m excited to be part of it this year – especially as I have been involved with marine plastic pollution issues for over 10 years now.

Every November the local and global Groundswell Community unite to make small accessible shifts in our daily single-use plastic consumption.  This united effort creates huge waves of self-love and sea-love for mother ocean and groundswell surfsisters overcoming trauma and it’s mental health side effects through the support of surf therapy.


What is it that inspires you to be part of No Plastic November?

The healing of our personal, communal, and intergenerational traumas can feel overwhelming, much like healing the plastic pollution trauma in our Mother Ocean…But  Groundswell Community Project helps to build the power of community and joy filled healing! I’m super inspired by the whole Groundswell community! 

This No Plastic November we have come together to find support and joy in the simple accessible practices we can each make that will make sustainable waves of change for generations of surfsisters to come!  

Yoga at there beach

What can people do to make a difference and contribute to No Plastic November?

I am supporting Groundswell Scotland in this challenge and sharing the great work they are doing, to run surf therapy for trauma recovery programmes in Dunbar, East Lothian.  You can support their project here: @groundswellscotland.

To get involved with No Plastic November, this is how it works: 

  1. Pledge: Individuals, companies, teams, and organizations commit to giving up one type of single use plastic for the 30 days of November. 
  2. Share: Participants share their commitment to healing Mother Ocean and invite their communities to donate $1 or more for every day that they live plastic free. 
  3. Empower: Each dollar donated goes to support our surf therapy and ocean conservation programs that heal, empower, and unite women in the waves together.

Head to www.groundswellcommunity.org to learn more about the mission and vision of Groundswell Community Project and how your donation can make powerful waves of healing for women around the world as they find their power and belonging through surf therapy.

Meditate at the beach
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