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Now more than ever we need to support each other to build a community of like minded individuals..


Hello fellow earth lovers & inspiring yogis!

We are so super excited to announce a new collaboration with another great sustainable and planet friendly business. Like us Proverbskin is on a mission to make amazing, clean, natural products that are better for human health & performance, the planet and its people. 


We absolutely love this spray and use it to sanitise each mat and all the packaging, the scent of the hand and gym sanitiser is also light, uplifting and refreshing. We recommend you check their amazing products out! #wellworthit

Proverbskin’s passion is to help people feel, think and look better so they can make the most out of everyday and together we can give back to the people who need it the most.

They have just launched their REFILLABLE Natural Deodorant and Hand Sanitiser and now more than ever we need people like you to help us have as big an impact as possible! Join us in living our ethos and join our tribe @zentribeuk @proverbskin

Refillable deodorants

At ZenTribe we absolutely adore Proverbskin’s sanitiser and use it to sanitise our mats, before they are wrapped up and sent to you. The perfect harmony of lavender and peppermint  help to focus the mind and rejuvenate the body during your practise, whilst eliminating any up cycled plastic scent from our mats. We still recommend to air your mat at least one day before you use its as this helps to soften the mat.

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Missed our live chat with Proverb, no problem you can rewatch by clicking on the photo below:

Live chat with Proverb

Excited and eager to find out more about what there amazing skincare that Luke has created, simple just click on the button below to be directed to their website! Enjoy!

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