ZenTribe has created a yoga mat with a difference, made with sustainably sourced materials and practises to ensure a positive impact on our amazing vast planet, that we call home. it's time to evolve your yoga practise.

How it all started

Whilst our founder Kylie wiped down her hired yoga mat with yet another plastic wipe and saw the wipes being piled up in the bin, she began to feel frustrated. Adding to this Kylie had witnessed after several surfing trips the damage being caused by plastic littering our ocean and beautiful coast line. This inspired Kylie to want to do things differently and wanted to create a positive change. Now more than ever, with the increasing use of plastic gloves and masks being thrown away currently. Our planet is calling for our attention and asking us to change. We can all make small changes and together we can make a difference.

ZenTribe was born...

After researching what damage plastic does to our aquatic life and coastal lines, Kylie learnt not all plastics can be recycled. However a lot can be upcycled and reused in such a way to create products of a higher quality than the original. We may not be able to get rid of plastic completely, but we can reuse plastics to make a positive impact on our planet.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make and leave a positive impact on our planet through the choices we make. We plan to do this by using sustainably sourced materials and sustainable practises to produce our mat, whilst supporting local communities. We will also create a low-to-no carbon footprint and plant a trail of trees behind us for future generations to enjoy. We want to leave the world greener than it is currently and share our knowledge with our customers on how they can contribute.

Why did we choose cork?

After discovering that there is a surplus of cork granules wasted every year from wine cork stopper distilleries and consumers. With this knowledge we utilise the unwanted surplus and use the recycled granulated cork wine stoppers in our mats, by doing this we are actively reducing both greenhouse gases and landfill waste.

Harvested cork trees also contribute to reducing our greenhouse gases by absorbing 5 times more carbon from the air we breathe than unharvested trees. Using cork helps to support and continue the tradition of cork harvesting and the livelihoods of communities within Portugal. Cork is a biodegradable, recyclable and a renewable material. It also contains the magical benefits of antibacterial and self cleaning properties combating any odours from your hot yoga or pilates sessions.

What's so special about plastic?

At ZenTribe we are doing things differently by combining surplus cork granules and upcycled plastic leftovers from sport industries in our mats, actively reducing any additional landfill waste and plastic flooding our oceans. Allowing our fish and other marine wildlife to reduce their plastic intake and swim free of plastic. As humans we are responsible for the plastic epidemic and we need to take action to reverse the effects its having on all of our eco systems. By using recycled plastic and upcycling it into our yoga mat we are reducing the gallons of oil to reproduce new plastics and reducing additional carbon emissions.

Cork Granules

What’s our yoga mission..

Our yoga mission is to provide a yoga mat which is environmentally friendly and has a low impact on the earths resources. But also to be comfortable for you to use during your sessions both at home and in classes. Allowing you to focus on being present in each of your postures or the flow that you’re in. This is why our mat is super lightweight and has a thickness of 5mm, 183cm in length and 69cm in width allowing for extra room for you to move on the mat.

Our Founder

Meet Kylie Jonkman, the force behind ZenTribe, an ocean loving yogi based in the city by the sea, Cardiff. After completing a hot, sweaty yoga session and wiping it down with a plastic wipe, she realised that there must be a better way. She decided to make it her mission to do just that.
It all began when Kylie witnessing plastic littering her regular surfing spots and on diving trips abroad. With a strong love for the ocean and all that lives within the deep, Kylie felt a strong drive to reduce the plastic found littering our beautiful coastlines and suffocating our marine ecosystems. Using this drive, Kylie made it her mission to research all about plastic and what damage it causes our planet. From her research, it became clear that we can never completely get rid of plastic; it was our habits that needed to be changed to make a positive impact on our planet. With this new found knowledge and with her passion for yoga, she created a yoga mat to reduce the negative impact from plastic on our coastlines, in our seas and on our planet. Whilst promoting positive, sustainable consumerism, that doesn’t take a toll on our planets resources.