Eco Friendly Low Impact Premium Yoga Mat | Zentribe


 Evolve your yoga practise with ZenTribe’s sustainable, eco friendly yoga mat that doesn’t cost the earth. ​


Our planet friendly yoga mat is the perfect companion for going travelling with and for practising both inside and outside. Our sustainable and unique mats are super lightweight, 183 cm in length, 69 cm in width and has a thickness of 5 mm. Providing you with comfort and extra cushioning during your practise. Our yoga mats are made by blending cork with recycled plastic to give the perfect balance between grip, comfort and durability. We believe they are the best eco friendly yoga mats on the market.

As a thank you to our amazing planet, we will be donating £5 per purchase to the local tree planting charity Stump up for trees  to maintain and preserve woodland and plant more trees in the Brecon Beacons. By purchasing one of our sustainable yoga mats you will be helping to contribute to the wellbeing of our planet.

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