Welcome in winter with slow yoga flows and warm spaces

Welcoming in winter

As the days get shorter and darker we find ourselves cosying up on the sofa with a warm drink in hand, going for brisk walks on frosty mornings and enjoy observing the seasons change from the comfort of inside our homes. This year has been a challenging one and as the seasons change, it reassures us that we can rely on natures effortless seasonal transitions.

There's nothing in nature that blooms all year long, don't expect yourself to do so.

With each season brings new lesson’s for growth and new opportunities. Winter inspires us to reflect, relax and show gratitude for the previous month’s that have passed. Now is the perfect time to retract and focus on growing your self care, before the manic time of Christmas and sometimes stressful family gatherings. To help prepare you why not create a sacred space where you can relax, turn off and focus inwards. We like to call this our ZenDen, need some visual inspiration on how to create your perfect space? Click on the image below.

Suggestions on creating your zenden:

Choose an area of your house which is undisturbed from the rest of the household and warm. 

For a balancing space Include each of the elements:

Earth: Feathers, flowers, plant, essential oils

Air: Wind chimes, sound bowls, music, bells, podcast

Fire: Candles, Incense, light

Water: Sound of water, glass of water to drink, herbal tea

Try to include all the senses; Taste, Touch, Smell, Sight, Hearing 

Soft cushions, yoga mat, blankets, Rug, pillows-any fabric which you like the texture/touch/sensation it creates

Journal, pen, books

For taste, smell and hearing you can use the ideas of the element suggestions

Sight: Images, photos, art, any item you find inspiring, beautiful, relaxing and encourage positive feelings

Create a space unique to you 


How time has flown by, a year in the planning and six months down the line since ZenTribe launched. The road has been far from smooth but we are so grateful for all the bumps in our path as this has seen ZenTribe grow and made us more determined to share our vision and spread our mission globally. So many lessons and opportunities have arose for us, meeting great like minded businesses, creating an amazing community and the nitty gritty bits of running a business day to day. Who knew that running your own business was so tricky and add a sprinkling of a global pandemic on top of this, is a challenge but all worth it.

Show gratitude

This month we are reflecting on how far our journey has taken us and wanted to share the people, events and love that has been shared with us. It is so important for us at ZenTribe to show gratitude to all the support we have received from fellow businesses and individuals, it inspires and motivates us on our down and happy days.

And it doesn’t stop here! We are so excited to be asked to write a blog about Nat’s amazing November stop plastic month (click here)  and (click here how to donate to this cause) We are also super excited to exhibiting our mats with an exclusive offer only when purchased at Yoga Hub’s event where there will be free coffee, cake and free amazing yoga classes to choose from , well worth a visit.  (click here for more info)

We cant wait to see you there! Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for updates and exclusive offers only available to our members who get the heads up!

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